NXT: Ohno! Chris Hero is back!

I am a very impatient fan, and as an impatient fan I typically don’t wait to see things as they air on television, and would much rather read about results or spoilers the moment they come out. Same thing goes for NXT tapings. For those unaware, WWE tapes about 4 weeks worth of NXT TV at Full Sail University in Orlando every month or so, and typically the results of these tapings are posted online very soon after they are done filming. I still watch NXT every week, but I like to read the results just so that I know what to expect from the next Takeover special, debuts, etc. Well, yesterday I went to r/squaredcircle as I do pretty much every morning to start off my day (cheap pop!), and I read the NXT taping results megathread. I start reading and see a few interesting tidbits, I read some more, and then I get to the results from the last taped show and I pause. I look over it again. I pause again. I reread it one more time to make sure that I read it right. Yup, I did. Chris motherf’ng Hero is back in NXT…..and he has confronted NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura! Now not only is that a dream-match that I would have never even thought of, but it also marks the return of Chris Hero, one of the most well-known indy hands over the past 15(ish) years!

Hero had a somewhat unsuccessful run in NXT during its reboot in 2012 as Kassius Ohno, and left the company within the next year, reportedly due to his unwillingness to lose the extra bit of love weight that he had put on while in the developmental system. Hero hasn’t necessarily put off any of that weight, but he has been making a killing on the independent scene since his departure and WWE has apparently taken notice. Reported a month ago online that WWE was interested in bringing Hero back, we now know that this is true. Hero will still have the same ring name, Kassius Ohno, but hopefully he won’t have anything else from his old character still associated with him. Also, NXT now just continues to get more and more full of veteran talent, making many wonder if WWE actually has a long-term plan for any of them, or if they are just doing what New Japan Pro Wrestlings Kenny Omega said and “signing people just to sign them”. Time will tell, but I am still happy as Hell that Hero has made his way back into the E. Beer belly or not, he is a world-class talent and deserves it.

Scroll down below for video of Chris Heros return to NXT and confrontation with NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, and for a video of Heros amazing 3 hour gauntlet match with SMASH Wrestling in support of ALS research, and as always, follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news updates from the wrestling world and for pretty sweet articles and reviews written by yours truly. Cheers!


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