Former ROH World Champion Kyle O’Reilly WWE Bound?

Today on former WWE writer Court Bauers podcast “Bauer & Pollock” that he does (or at least used to, this was their final podcast) along with John Pollock (producer of LAW), Bauer said in regards to Kyle O’Reilly possibly heading to WWE “Lock it in, Kyle O’Reilly is headed to the WWE.” now that would be a very bold statement by anyone else, but you have to imagine that Bauer is a very reliable source for these kind of things, having been a writer for WWE from 2005 to 2007. Of course he hasn’t been in the inner workings of the company in a decade, but he more than likely still has plenty of friends working behind the scenes who can tip him off about potential signings. Also, O’Reilly did just drop the ROH World Championship to Adam Cole (Bay-Bay!) at New Japan Pro-Wrestlings Wrestle Kingdom 11 earlier this month, leading many to believe that Ring of Honor is also of the opinion that Kyle is WWE bound with his ROH contract expiring soon. So if this news is true, what can we expect from Kyle O’Reilly in WWE?

In my opinion, O’Reilly is better suited for NXT than the cruiserweight division, which are pretty much the only two options that he has breaking in to the company. The cruiserweight roster already has enough talent in it to dwell on for the next couple of months, while NXT is presumably going to be losing a lot of top names throughout WrestleMania season, which is typically when WWE does most of its NXT callups. Due to this, NXT is going to need to build up more stars to carry its brand throughout the rest of 2017, and with Chris Hero, Tommy End, and Big Damo already looking to be impact players for NXT, O’Reilly could be another name to add to that list. Just like Hero, O’Reilly can give NXT another grizzled indy veteran character to have fighting for the title, and someone to feud with some of WWEs greener Performance Center guys to help them develop a bit. Only time will tell if this is true, but even only being familiar with a small amount of his work, I sure hope it is. O’Reilly is excellent in the ring, and has a unique look to him along with a serious indy-wrestling pedigree, and could definitely be a star if WWE utilizes him properly.


Scroll down below for video of LAWs interview with Kyle O’Reilly last May while he was competing in NJPWs Best of The Super Jrs. Tournament, and as always, follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news updates from the wrestling world and for pretty sweet articles and reviews written by yours truly. Cheers!



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