Kurt Angle To Be Inducted Into The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame!

Announced earlier this evening on WWEs corporate website, former multiple time WWE Champion and one of my personal favorites of all-time Kurt Angle will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year on the night before WrestleMania 33!

Angle is a former Olympic Gold Medalist, having won the medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia for freestyle wrestling. 3 years later Kurt made his debut for the WWF at Survivor Series 1999 in a match against Shawn Stasiak, and would go on to wrestle for the company until 2006 in a career that saw him have many highly praised matches and championship runs. After leaving WWE Kurt went on to wrestle for TNA from 2006 to 2016 in a decade long stint that saw him win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship six times, the TNA X Division Title once, and the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice: once with Sting and once with AJ Styles. Kurt is also a TNA Hall of Famer, now joining Sting as being one of two men to be in both companies Hall of Fames. Of course, one is a bit more prestigious than the other… this also may confirm what many people have been hoping for years, in that Kurt might wrestle one more match for the company. Many question his ability to still “go” like he used to, and while Kurt has definitely slowed down due to age and injuries he can still work a full match at a decent pace and still put on a good show. Kurt has been battling substance abuse issues since his release from WWE in 2006, and hopefully he now has that behind him as he prepares to enter the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Kurt Angle!

Scroll down below for video of Kurt Angles WWE debut at Survivor Series 1999, and as always, follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news updates from the wrestling world along with articles and reviews written by yours truly. Cheers!




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