Royal Rumble 2017: Gallows & Anderson Are Your New Raw Tag Team Champions!

Last night on the 2017 Royal Rumble kick-off show, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson challenged Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championships in a match that included two referees to stop any shenanigans, but guess what? Shenanigans still ensued! After one of the referees became incapacitated, Karl Anderson hit a roll-up on Cesaro with a handful of tights, and got the pinfall to win the Tag Titles for The Club!

I for one am very happy that Gallows and Anderson have FINALLY gotten their due with the tag titles after challenging for them ever since they debuted last Summer. A little too late if you ask me, but better now than never. Some teams don’t necessarily need the titles to get over (See: New Day), but I feel like Gallows and Anderson are one of those teams that need the gold to legitimize themselves as a formidable team.

Scroll down below for video of a backstage interview with Gallows and Anderson after their Tag Title win, and as always follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news updates from the wrestling world along with articles and reviews written by yours truly. Cheers!


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