Smackdown Live: Dolph Ziggler Versus Apollo Crews & Kallisto in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match Announced For Elimination Chamber!

Last night on Smackdown Live after Dolph Ziggler suffered yet another loss, this time to Apollo Crews in rather quick fashion, it was announced that at this Sundays Smackdown Live brand PPV Elimination Chamber, Ziggler will be taking on Crews and his acquaintance/fellow rival of Ziggler’s, Kallisto in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

This is somewhat of an odd match to make for a PPV, but if Ziggler ends up going over both men then this could be a good way to continue his heel turn, while maybe even adding Apollo Crews and Kallisto to the Smackdown Live tag team division in the process, and it is good that both of those men are getting some much needed PPV time. All that Ziggler’s character really needs at this point is just one big win, and then if he builds up enough momentum he could possibly be thrown into the WWE Championship mix after WrestleMania, which as of right now could use a couple more hands.

Scroll down below for video of Dolph Ziggler’s losing effort against Apollo Crews from last night’s Smackdown Live. As always, follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news, updates, reviews, and articles from the wrestling world written by yours truly. Cheers!



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