Elimination Chamber 2017: American Alpha Retains The Smackdown Tag Titles In Tag Team Turmoil!

Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated 5 other tag teams tonight at Elimination Chamber to retain their titles in a tag team turmoil match! Scroll down below for the order of eliminations.


Elimination #1: BreezeAngo by Heath Slater & Rhyno/Rhyno pinned Fandango after a Gore

Elimination #2:The Vaudevillains by Heath Slater & Rhyno/Slater pinned English after a spike DDT

Elimination #3:Heath Slater & Rhyno by The Usos/ Jimmy pinned Slater after a superkick

Elimination #4: The Usos by American Alpha/ Gable pinned Jey with a rollup

Elimination #5: The Ascension by American Alpha/Gable pinned Viktor after a Grand Altitude

Follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for all news involving tonights Elimination Chamber PPV as well as the Elimination Chamber kick-off show. Cheers!



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