The TNA Name Is Dead! Long Live Impact Wrestling! (Hopefully)

According to multiple sources who attended the recent set of TNA tapings, the “Total Nonstop Action” name is apparently no more, with the company being rebranded as “Impact! Wrestling”.

While the TNA name has been around now for 15 years, this is still a very good idea for the new management in charge of the company to do, considering the loads of negative stigma associated with that three-letter acronym. With a new look, new talent, and new management at the helm, hopefully the company can finally finish getting itself out of the funk that it has been in for the better part of the last decade. Although only time will tell how much that losing the companies biggest attraction last week (Matt Hardy) will affect them moving forward, and if they will be able to replicate the kind of star power that he had in the shape of another superstar. Best wishes to them moving forward, because I for one would love some more legitimate competition in the wrestling world besides the Big E.



No, Langston. Not you.


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