We’re Not Dead! At Least Not Yet!

Hi! If any of you besides my grandmother or my creepy uncle Keith from Facebook still frequent the site, then you probably have noticed that we have not been very active in the past three weeks, but Suplexes & Spandex is still very much alive! As alive as Hornswoggles post-WWE career! Oh, wait. I mean…..

Sorry, Horny.

When I started this website back in January, I had just recently lost my job. In the downtime between then and finding a new one, I decided to do many things that I had put off for a long time, including making a website like this one. Yes, this one right here. That you’re reading an article on. Right now. Recently I have gotten a new means of employment, and with that obviously comes less free time. Admittedly, I have not had a lot of time nor energy to focus on the site due to recent events, but that is now going to change. I still have big aspirations for this site, like being the #1 resource for sweaty men in tights grappling each other (Hi WrestleZone, how’ya doing?). I promise to still deliver articles, reviews, and opinions, all with the cheeky humor and boy-next-door charm that you have come to expect from me. Also, I am going to be looking high and low across the entire globe in a day and night talent search that will vet thousands of potential candidates for only a handful fellow professional journalists to bring their writing prowess to this site, and by that I mean that I am going to post on r/squaredcircle and see if anyone will want to lend a hand……

So stay tuned to the site for new updates, and as always follow @SuplexesSpandex on Twitter for news, reviews, and opinions by yours truly. Also, scroll down below for video of the greatest theme in professional wrestling history. Cheers!


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