About The Site

Suplexes & Spandex is a site dedicated to my one true love….or at least besides my girlfriend and maybe my dog: professional wrestling. As a matter of fact, love might not even be a strong enough word to describe my passion for this medium. I have been watching since I was 10 years old, and I can clearly remember my first Raw where I saw Santino Marella defeat Umaga to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion in his debut match! My fandom started off pretty slow, but by the age of 12 or 13 I was already watching old NJPW, ROH stuff, and as many old WWE/F shows as I could find online, in crappy 720p quality no less…..praise be to the Network.

I recently heard someone say “Figure out what you do when you procrastinate, and then find a way to turn that into your hobby”, well whenever I don’t feel like doing whatever task is at hand, I watch wrestling. So naturally, I thought “Why not make a blog?”. Like I said, I watch a LOT of wrestling, and this site is going to be dedicated to news, discussion, and opinions from throughout the wrestling world.

You can follow me on Twitter for news and article updates @suplexesspandex, cheers!